Interview about Dr. Kerstein’s DTR Course

Speaking Presentation

“What a fabulous weekend we had learning the ins and outs of Disclusion Time Reduction (DTR) and some advanced T-Scan work. Absolutely mind boggling information and yes, some old mind sets where challenged and myths busted.

Dr. Kerstein has measurable outcomes to show, and with the addition of a reliable EMG unit that synchronizes with the T-SCAN recording, you can actually see, in real time, what those muscles are doing when you have unwanted tooth contact. BOOM!

Fifteen dentists were here this weekend, and fifteen new converts have been found. It is compelling and painfully evident that a new way of approaching this issue (accurately measuring occlusal contact force) is at hand. This Summit provided a good mix of theory and hands on practice. Stay tuned! It is an exciting time to know there is a better way of handling people’s problems with head pain.”

—Dr. Rick Coker, DDS, FACE
Director, Academy of Comprehensive Esthetics


Attendee course evaluations at the 2015 AAID in Baltimore found Dr. Kerstein’s presentation skills, course content, and command of the subject matter to be excellent.