Competing occlusal theories conflict and contradict
because they are subjectively determined and assessed
without measurement of the teeth themselves.
Occlusal methods


Articulating paper marks are not able to accurately measure occlusal contact force. As a result, dentists struggle with occlusal practice issues daily in finishing prosthetic cases, implant breakage, glass ceramic fractures, and occlusal adjustment treatment. This “guessing” based method cannot successfully control occlusal forces predictably, which leads to prolonged treatment times, material failures, lost productive chair time and inability to treat TMD successfully.

Computerized occlusal analysis is a superior occlusal force measurement technology to employ in the daily clinical practice of occlusion. Dr. Robert B. Kerstein’s lectures and hands-on workshops (with actual patients) share his 30 years’ experience utilizing digital occlusal technology for diagnosing occlusal problems and treating occlusal disease, treating TMD, installing dental prostheses, installing implant prostheses, and installing fragile esthetic dentistry. 

Recognized as a leading author and researcher in the field of Computerized Occlusal Analysis, Dr. Kerstein has lectured around the world, providing live patient treatment seminars in many hospitals, dental clinics, and educational facilities, both nationally and internationally.

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Clark Dental with Dr. Kerstein
November 2021

LEVEL 1 — Digital Occlusal Technology in Daily Dental Practice:
Taking Treatment to the Next Level

Robert Kerstein Tekscan Dental Speaker

This program will highlight the concepts and techniques required to integrate computer-guided occlusal analysis and treatment procedures into daily dental practice, by describing the numerous applications this technology offers dentists, which can significantly improve their patients’ occlusal therapy outcomes and raise their practice of occlusion to 21stst Century Standards.

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Take the learning deeper! Add one or more of the following areas of focus:

Digital Occlusion TMD

Digital Occlusal Treatment of Chronic Muscular TMD Symptomatology


Digital Occlusal Analysis Implant Applications

Digital Occlusal
Analysis Implant


Prosthodontics Digital Occlusion

Using Digital Occlusion Analysis During Prosthodontic Case Insertion


Prosthodontics Digital Occlusion

Digital Occlusal Technology and Controlling the Overload of Esthetic Restorations


LEVEL 2 — Mastering Digital Occlusal Technology:
Developing Key Chairside T-Scan User Skills

Digital Occlusion

Buying a T-Scan does not make a dentist an effective user. Improve your understanding of T-Scan technology and gain chairside skills required for a clinician to obtain optimum patient results.  One must actively train to develop new clinical chairside skills that include proper recording technique, proper data analysis procedures, and properly using the data analysis to make measured occlusal adjustments to the patient’s occlusion. The program offers three different components that address the new clinician skills needed to achieve T-Scan mastery.

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