dr robert kerstein testimonials

DTR Treated Patient Testimonials

In this video, Dr. Kerstein treats a patient that has been suffering with a variety of orofacial pain symptoms for 10 years. At three weeks there is a post-op video showing her progress. While all patient’s are different, the video shows the rapid onset of relief and the speed at which DTR acts upon patients.

Kyle Benton DDS speaks candidly about his DTR in office training he has experienced with Dr Robert Kerstein. Kyle has the unique perspective of being a dentist and being treated with DTR for his TMD symptomology.

Patient Testimonial – Facial Pain

“I was thrilled to learn that Dr. Robert Kerstein was coming to the office of Dr.Michael H.Hagen to present a hands on workshop on occlusal adjustment utilizing the T-Scan.

I have suffered for over thirty years with facial pain… that at times was severe, limited vertical opening… which made eating difficult and often painful , and daily grinding /clenching. Over the years my dentists were at a loss as what to do to help me and I feared that I would become a toothless hygienist. I am embarrassed to say that I have had a dozen different types of bite planes. A temporary measure that did not resolve my difficulties. I felt that Dr. Robert Kerstein was my last hope. If he could not address my problem… then there really was not an answer.

After the 1st adjustment by Dr.Hagen and Dr.Kerstein my bite felt amazing. It felt solid, biting with equal force on all my teeth, not just my maxillary anteriors (which i was always banging into). I could not believe the next morning when I woke up pain free. I am no longer rubbing my face because of sore muscles and I am able to eat salads and crusty bread without pain. My masseter muscles are no longer so prominent, my face more relaxed and best of all I have officially retired all of my bite planes.

As a dental hygienist I have recommended the Disclusion Time Reduction procedure to many of my patients. It is nice to be able to smile and say ‘We can help you. This procedure really works and you will feel amazing.’

Thank you so much Dr. Robert Kerstein for sharing your knowledge with our office and for giving me a bit of my life back.”

—Gudrun, RDH, MS