Buying a T-Scan does not make a dentist an effective user.
Improve your understanding of T-Scan technology and
gain chairside skills to obtain optimum patient results.

This in-depth, advanced, individualized training is done in the comfort of your office allowing you and your team to incorporate computer-guided occlusal treatment more fully into your practice.

Develop new clinical chairside skills that include:

Proper recording technique,
Proper data analysis procedures, and then
Properly using the data analysis to make measured occlusal adjustments to the patient’s occlusion.

In-Office T-Scan Training

With on-site training you can greatly shorten the T-Scan mastery learning curve for you and your team.

  • Recording Skills Development
    • Learn Correct T-Scan Intraoral Data Acquisition Techniques
  • Data Analysis and Software Interpretation
  • Patient Treatment
    • Participants will correct their own patient’s occlusal problems using T-Scan-guided occlusal adjustments overseen by Dr. Kerstein
Dr. Robert Kerstein Consulting
You direct the training!
Where are you having difficulty?
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Hourly via Phone, Skype or GoToMeeting | Patient Recorded Data Review | Full or Partial Day In-Office


“I have been a T-Scan owner for over four years now.  While I felt comfortable with the technology, my understanding was insufficient for me to be truly effective with it. I decided to have Dr. Robert Kerstein come to my office for live patient training.  We spent an entire day with several patients.  After my one-on-one with Dr. Kerstein I am amazed at what I was missing.  Now I know much more about recording principles and techniques, patient coaching to get good data, graph and data analysis, and using that data to perform intraoral corrections.  The training paid for itself the same day!!  How often do dentists get to say that?  I give my highest possible recommendation to the in-office training with Dr. Kerstein.”

-Ben Sutter DMD, FAGD

 Dr. Kerstein pointing out to Dr Jim Abraham of Park City Dental Spa, the correct contacts to treat based upon recorded T-Scan/EMG data

Gain the ability to implement

computer-guided occlusal technology more completely into your practice, optimizing your return on investment while providing a better patient experience.